Indoor Practice Drills: Infield Drills Baseball DVD

Indoor Practice Drills: Infield Drills Baseball DVD
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with Scott Stricklin,
Kent State University Head Coach

Because weather pushes baseball players inside, this DVD is a handy guide to improving infield play in the warmth of your own gymnasium. Use these drills to sharpen your edge and prepare for the season ahead. Loosening the arm through drills is a big part of the warm-up. Throwing progression increases in stages of 30 feet, up to 150 feet. Throwing on a line develops good throwing habits. At 150 feet, players begin to work back to 45 feet, where the quick toss drill is implemented. The face-off drill is designed for infielders and catchers to help hand-eye coordination. The backhand and short hop drills wake hands up and develop soft hands and short hop skills. The Square drill uses five players and works on underhand flips and proper footwork. Double play feeds work on the 6-4-3 double play. Getting to the base quickly, and using good footwork is important. The 4-6-3 double play demonstrates the key coaching points for the second baseman and shortstop. Adding the first baseman, the 3-6-1 and 3-6-3 double play drill provide the same fundamentals, but begin from the first base side. Moving to second base, Stricklin covers the teaching points while making the tag at second. Using a bare hand is stressed in the run down drill. Using three or four players, the Rocket Relay works on glove side catch and relay throws. The outside players execute tags and quick throws. This DVD is a great teaching tool to get ready for the next game or the next season!

38 minutes. 2006.

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