Dynamic Hitting Practice For Youth Baseball DVD

Dynamic Hitting Practice For Youth Baseball DVD
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Baseball Videos offers the Dynamic Hitting Practice for Youth Baseball DVD by Andy Collins. This video is for coaches to teach hitting skills to their players in a time-efficent and productive manner. It instructs you the coach in how to use no cost and low cost methods to get the most out of your players hitting game. Some of the skills and drills included in the Dynamic Hitting Practice DVD include: strike zone drills, RetractOBall, practice goals, throw the bat drills, toss drill, bunting drill and more. This DVD would be a great tool for any coach training a youth team the fundamentals. Pick yours up today!

Dynamic Hitting Practice for Youth Baseball Features:

- Strike-zone drill
- Slow-pitch drill
- Wheeler-dealer drill
- Batting tee
- RetractOBall
- Personal pitcher pitching machine
- Advantage of owning hitting equipment
- Practice, practice, practice
- Practice goals
- Examples of a typical boring practice
- Examples of practice using hitting stations
- Advantages of wood bat for practice
- Drills for different hitting styles
- Throw-the-bat drill
- Bounce-tennis-ball drill
- Toss drill
- Bunting Drill

- Published: 2010
- Length: 36 minutes

Item # 827008153992

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