Coach Clearys Hitting Baseball DVD 2-Pack

Coach Clearys Hitting Baseball DVD 2-Pack
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Teaching the Art of Hitting DVD:
with Brian Cleary,
University of Cincinnati Head Coach

Coach Clearys goal in this DVD is to give coaches a chance to learn how to efficiently teach hitting to their players. Cleary begins his presentation with hitting mechanics. Simplifying the elements of hitting is key for player production. The ultimate goal is to give the barrel of the bat its best chance to hit the ball. Cleary covers the proper mechanics of hitting, including the set up, grip and a flex in a wrist. Cleary also talks about pre-movement or the hitting position. Use of the body and hands are important to the swing and they work in unison. The swing concludes with the finish, a roll of the wrist. Cleary breaks down the psychology of being at bat, discussing the handling different pitches, different locations and hitting or refusing pitches.

46 minutes. 2008.

The Coaches Guide to Hitting Drills DVD:
with Brian Cleary,
University of Cincinnati Head Coach

The role of drills in hitting is to address the hitter building his swing as well as the player maintaining his swing. Coach Clearys goal when practicing hitting is not to hit the ball hard, but practice a swing that will translate to success in a game. Drills provide help in two areas; correcting faulty swings and building and maintaining good swings. Before drill work, Cleary breaks down the batters set up. He uses a tool called the magic wand that helps him isolate parts of the hitters body to make corrections. Other tools used during drill work include the stride box, the tire, tees and soft toss. The goal for hitters is to be sound mechanically so their only job is to attack the pitch and the pitcher!

37 minutes. 2008.

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