Becoming a Champion Infielder! Baseball DVD

Becoming a Champion Infielder! Baseball DVD
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with Frank Leoni,
William & Mary Head Baseball Coach;
2005 Atlantic 10 Champion, 2003 & 2004 Atlantic 10 Coach of the Year

Coach Leoni covers all aspects of how to become a championship-caliber infielder. Beginning with innovative warm-up techniques, he builds a seven-step drill progression for fielding a variety of ground balls including backhand, forehand, slow rollers, short hops and infield-in. Leoni highlights critical areas for infielders such as attitude, mental toughness, team roles, responsibilities for each position and practice and preparation routines. His tactics and techniques will aid in developing your hand and foot speed and will reinforce proper catching and throwing mechanics. Utilizing his gift for teaching, Leoni has helped develop six professional infielders and can assist you in becoming your best. The tactics and techniques in the DVD have been instrumental in creating successful players at all levels!

86 minutes. 2006.

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